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Track Trailer Melbourne manufacturer of the Tvan and Topaz

Read about Track trailers on the owners forums or the Yahoo Owners Group

REVIEWS: Ron Moon reviews the Tvan READ REVIEW or WATCH Camper Trailer Australia's Review WATCH VIDEO

Hire a TVan

See us of course but also;

In Canberra see Catherine or Peter at Independent Trailers:

In Trangie (near Dubbo, NSW) see Tony and Cheryl at Outback NSW Tvan hire:

Why Buy an Australian Made Camper Trailer?

See the Australian manufacturers guild for the reasons to buy Australian made rather than an import. Apart from providing jobs in Australia they are designed and built for Australian conditions.

Need a hitch or coupling?

Talk to Dave at RV Towing solutions for fast, knowledgable solutions and friendly service. CLICK HERE

Four Wheel Driving

Four Wheel Drive Australia is the peak user representative body in Australia

Four Wheel Drive NSW and ACT is the peak user representative body in NSW & ACT


Other Useful Links

Caravan Park Photos may be of interest:

Explore Oz website:


Farm Stays & Outback Accommodation across NSW & QLD Outback Beds: 

Learn more about exploring Australia in a camper trailer from the above sites or just talk to us.


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